Why am I thirsty when my blood sugar is in control?

Why am I thirsty when my blood sugar is in control?

Thirst is the urge of drinking water, or liquids that can keep you hydrated. You can be thirsty due to several reasons. One major reason is that excessive thirst being caused, even when you have gulped a lot of water. This can be a cause of diabetes, with high level of blood sugar. The question is “ why am I thirsty when my blood sugar is in control? “It might be because of the athletic work you do the whole day.(giggles).

Our kidneys work overtime for us to function and process. They take the glucose from our body. It is completely fine to feel thirsty on a hot day, or after an intense workout. But, if you are one of those who have water and water, and still feel dehydrated; there is something wrong.

Nothing to be worried or serious, the cause can be you and your regime. All the junk foods, the food that is very spicy and adds on to your thirst; especially processed food. If you are a high carb-taker, this is the reason that keeps you thirsty like you have not had water since ages. Your unhealthy diet can be a major cause for being thirsty when your blood sugar is in control. Set limits and boundaries for the amount of unhealthy food you intake.

Other reason could be that you have been going through diarrhea or vomiting. This intends to lose the water content from your body and makes you crave for liquids. Around 60% of your body contains water; you need water for all tasks and activities. Your walking, talking, chirping, or procrastinating; all would consume an amount of energy. This is even bad for your overall health.

 Moreover, sweating and exhaustion are the common causes too. The more you sweat, you lose water out of your body and want more. If you have done an intense workout, you will be thirsty. Your stupid mistakes and habits can be the major cause of the problem. Your lack of sleep, or dry throat can be the reasons. However; if you get thirsty way too much: you should consult a doctor to be sure if everything is fine. If this is a pre-diabetic sign, or any other problem that persists in your body.

Concluding this, if you are a diabetic patient and facing the problem of being thirsty; you have to adopt a new routine. Exercise must be practiced to keep you healthy and fit. This will help reducing the thirst; without a particular reason. Moreover, prepare a diet plan beforehand. You must look into what you can eat, and what not. You should try adding fiber to your meals. This can reduce the urge of being thirsty every time, and the problem of frequent urination would be less too. Relaxation is the key. Keep your mind fresh and relaxed by all the negativity. Try surrounding yourself with a good company that helps you stay calm and positive. Meditation will be needed for developing a healthy body and mind.

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