Lower blood sugar naturally with broccoli

Lower blood sugar naturally with broccoli

Swedish researchers have discovered a plant compound that type 2 diabetics can use to naturally lower their blood sugar. It is an extract from broccoli sprouts that inhibits the formation of new sugar in the liver. Broccoli – a new “miracle weapon” against diabetes? Vegetables are definitely healthy, as they contain plenty of vitamin C, pro vitamin A and minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. Obviously, broccoli also has a blood sugar lowering effect, as Swedish researchers recently found out. More precisely, it is Sulforaphane, a breakdown product of the mustard oil found in broccoli. In their systematic search for active ingredients that inhibit the formation of new sugar in the liver (gluconeogenesis).

The formation of new sugar in the liver is inhibited Sulforaphane works like metformin – it inhibits the formation of new sugar in the liver (gluconeogenesis). However, it has a different mechanism of action. The safety of this secondary plant substance has already been clinically tested, which is why the researchers were able to carry out their study with patients – without further preliminary animal experiments. 97 people with type 2 diabetes participated in the study in two groups, 94 of whom were already taking metformin. One group was treated for 12 weeks with a powder made from an aqueous extract of broccoli sprouts, the other groups with a placebo drug (dummy drug). In the end, the broccoli group had a lower HbA1c value than the placebo group (7.0% vs. 7.37%). The fasting blood sugar also improved more in the broccoli group (from 160 mg / dl to 148 mg / dl or from 8.9 mmol / l to 8.2 mmol /l).

The greatest effect was found in severely overweight (obese) patients in whom metformin treatment had not had sufficient effect. Blood sugar could be lowered naturally The researchers come to the conclusion: Sulforaphane (broccoli extract) could give type 2 diabetics a way of naturally lowering blood sugar in the future – also in combination with metformin. Sulforaphane is already offered as a dietary supplement. Further studies will be necessary for approval by the drug authorities to treat diabetes.

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